This website is dedicated to the hfpc mod

what is a "mod" ? : a mod is the result of computer chassis and hardware modifications and customizations, in order to improve performance and design, to make something unique.

why "hfpc" ? : for High Fidelity Paradyse Computer.



The hfpc mod is a home-theater computer inspired by high-fidelity world and components. In its luxurious black Origen S16V case, carbon and gold parts are used with hardware components to obtain a subtle mix between technology and hand-craft work.

Watercooling and latest computer hardware parts have here the same attention as hand-made sleeving and cable-management. Each part is a way to improve and highlight the build, each screw, each wire is design to fit perfectly in the case, and make it unique.

This computer is the centrepiece of a high definition audio-video setup with the latest technology capability to enjoy music and video at their best.

High-end spirit for a high-end experience, hfpc mod.





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