hardware configuration

Case : OrigenAE S16V Black
PSU : Seasonic X-Series 560
Motherboard : Intel DH67GD
CPU : Intel Core I7 2600K
RAM : g.Skill F3-10666CL7Q-8GBXH
SSD : Intel 510 Series 250Gb
HDD : Western Digital Caviar Green 1To
Sound-card : ESI Prodigy 7.1 HiFi
Blu-Ray : Samsung SH-B083L
Rad : Asetek 570LC
Fans : Noiseblocker


AV Receiver : Yamaha RX-A1010
Power cable : Elecaudio CS-331B and Elecaudio SG-05 sleeve
Power connectors : Elecaudio PI-22G and Elecaudio PS-22G
RCA cable : Real Cable CA Reflex
Subwoofer cable : Real Cable Reflex
HDMI cable : Real Cable Master SafeLock 1.4 Infinite
Speakers cable : Real Cable HD TDC 600


Sleeve and little stuff : MDPC-X
Custom acrylic :

Here are the first pictures. MDPC-X stuff
Prodigy 7.1 HiFi soundcard from ESI-Audio
Power cable from Audiophonics
OrigenAE S16V Black is here. Only one photo for the moment ;)
The PSU Seasonic X-Series 750
The SSD : Intel X25-M 80Gb
The RAM modules : g.Skill F3-10666CL7Q-8GBECO. 8Gb of low-voltage memory
HDMI cable : Real Cable Master SafeLock 1.4 Infinite
RCA cable : Real Cable CA Reflex
Speakers cable : Real Cable HD TDC 600 :
Subwoofer cable : Real Cable Reflex :
Intel DH57DD motherboard and Intel Core I5 655K CPU
Thermalright AXP-140 Rad
Storage HDD's : Three Western Digital Scorpio Black 500Go
CPU cooler : Asetek 570LC
The new sandy-bridge kit from g.Skill : F3-10666CL7Q-8GBXH
Installation test :
Scythe Himuro HDD enclosure :
Sleeving :
Fabrication of a custom part, designed by paradyse.conception, and realized by Daniel from
You can visit his youtube channel to see more of his work :
New incoming stickers :
Test with the custom top plate :
Noiseblocker Multiframe fans :
Custom RAM stickers :
New motherboard vs Old : Intel DH67GD + Intel Core I7 2600K (left) vs Intel DH57DD + Intel Core I5 655K (right)
Brand new Intel 510 Series 250Gb SSD :
Noiseblocker Multiframe fans with custom sticker :
Seasonic X-Series 560 :
Some filing down for the top plate to fit perfectly in the case :
A little modification for the Blu-ray drive holder :
Blu-ray drive waiting for its update :
After the painting :
Let's go for some crimping : modification of the CPU power cable :
And what comes after crimping ? Sleeving of course !
But what is this ?
Top plate with the Asetek 570LC radiator behind :
Seasonic X-Series 560 :
CPU power cable :
Change of the rivets for black MDPC-X rivets :
Noiseblocker Multiframe fans...
MDPC-X screw and brainwasher :
Intel 510 Series 250Gb SSD behind the top plate :
Custom fixation for SSD (It is the Scythe Himuro fixation !) :
With the plate to put the SSD on (removable) :
Some crimping (again) to make custom power cables (SSD, blu-ray drive, etc...) :
Some cables tests and managements in the case :
Final hardware installation and check :
I can tell that the High Fidelity Paradyse Computer mod is nearly (nearly !) ended. Some very little improvements and modifications will be done to make it better before the release date. Stay tuned ;)
Here are the lastest modifications. Paper test to hide a little more the motherboard :
Let's start the real one in smoked acrylic :
Once ended and in place :
Sticker for the SSD :

Here it is. After a year of work, the High Fidelity Paradyse Mod is ended. I thank again each person who inspired, helped, trusted and supported me. Discover the final shots in the gallery.


The AV Receiver : Yamaha RX-A1010 :
Some mods for furniture :
Installation and configuration :

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